How to use hybrid sim slot for SD Card and Sim together

Today with the increase of technology we are accessing everything in a pragmatic way as a result we can do lots of things in a small space. And Hybrid sim slot is a result of high technology .Do you know a device which have a hybrid sim slot? The new smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge,Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, YU Yunicorn, etc which are having powerful hardware amazing looks and fun to use are an amazing phones but fails at one thing that is hybrid sim slot

People who use dual sim phone they must be very much disappointed that they cannot choose both dual sim and sd card they have to choose either dual sim or sd card.

Here, I will let you know a hack utilizing which you can utilize 2 sim cards and smaller scale SD card opening all the while. Indeed, in the event that you will do a tiny bit of physical hack, you will have the capacity to utilize Dual Sim and MicroSD space on Samsung Galaxy Edge S7. Ensure you know the right position of SIM in opening 2. There is sliced on SIM cards to let you know which part be confronting here and there. Subsequent to taking a gander at that cut or limit you will have the capacity to enlighten all regarding position.

  1. People who want to use both dual sim card and sd card:-

They will face huge problem  as there is a high possibility of damaging your SIM card, which may not work for the next time if you have done this without so much care.  Also the SIM will not be able to use on other normal devices.

  1. If you want to play safe, and don’t salvage your micro SD Card, then you can use double side tape attach the nano sim and micro SD Card together.  But before that, make sure you trim the Nano Sim Chip and make it just nice fix into Micro SD Card.
  2. From my point of view if you want to get a good result from your phone which you have buy within few days you should use either dual sim card or n\micro sd card if you do this then you will get better result from your phone. and your mobile phone will not damage.



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